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Spring Creek Reservoir




Lake street, west of Medinah road, Bloomingdale, IL


Take I-355 to the Lake street exit (Rt. 20). Turn west on Lake street and continue for ~ 2 miles. The entrance to the reservoir is on the right just past Medinah road.


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Spring Creek Reservoir is a 38-acre water with a maximum depth of 35 feet and an average depth of 15 feet. These numbers are a little misleading though, as a most of the accessible water is between 3 and 6 feet in depth. A 35 feet deep hole dominates the center of the reservoir, but, unfortunately, is well beyond bankfishing range. An overflow spillway (see below picture) connecting to the nearby creek can be found in the venue’s NE corner. Water from the spillway provides a decent current, as well as a source of dissolved oxygen, for the venue’s aquatic residents. This area is popular with local anglers.


Access to the water’s edge can only be accomplished via steep, unpaved trails, although the concrete erosion barriers protruding into the venues margins allow for clean, comfortable fishing.


Fish species encountered include stocked bass, bluegill, catfish and carp. Sunfish and carp most often dominate anglers’ catches, with the occasional larger catfish also showing from time to time.



DuPage County FP site

View of Spring Creek Reservoir from above the spillway on the NE shore

Topographical map courtesy of Illinois DNR. Click map for a larger image.

View of Spring Creek Reservoir’s southern shore, looking west from the popular fishing area below the venue’s main parking lot.

An outstanding ~ 47 pound match winning bag of carp taken by Mirek Rydlewski from a shallow area in the SW corner of the reservoir during the July 2004 MA event.

A decent 15 pound bag of carp and ‘gills for the author, taken from the venue’s popular southern shore, adjacent to the main parking lot.



Venue Ratings






Good. Decent numbers of fish swimming close to shore make this venue a great choice for bank anglers willing to negotiate the rough, steep trails leading to the water’s edge.



Good. Sunfish, catfish and carp patrol water that rapidly attains a depth of 3 – 4 feet within easy casting distance of the shore. The shoreline itself composed of concrete erosion barriers, which in turn make for comfortable, clean fishing stations.


Average.  Spring Creek Reservoir is within easy distance of the Lake street / I-355 ramp. The venue itself has a 1+ mile paved path (which is very popular with joggers and rollerbladers) around its raised perimeter. However, anglers face a somewhat steep decent along rough trails to the water’s edge.



Good. Spring Creek has sufficient parking, permanent restrooms, and spacious covered picnic areas.

Pat’s notes:  At the time of writing I have only fished this venue once, during the July 2004 Midwest Angler event, but was pleasantly surprised to find good numbers of bluegill and carp catchable close to shore from pretty much any of the fishing spots dotted along the reservoir’s southern shoreline. Corn baits presented on the bottom accounted for good numbers of energetic carp in the 2 – 4 pound range, while pretty much anything seemed to work for the venue’s aggressive ‘gills, which would often steal larger (corn and dough) baits intended for bigger fish. Weather conditions on the day were favorable, with a gentle, cooling wind out of the northeast, cloud cover, with water and air temperatures both in the mid 70s.


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